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In Under 5 Words

A Satirical Parody Line. 

The Mission Statement

Something Else is a brand that encourages individuals not to conform to trends based on media hype, popular culture and propagandist tactics. We cater to those who resist influential cloning and ignore the pressures of limited availability and price gouging strategies. 

A Sensitive Climate

Our intention is not to disrespect or build any hate with our parodies but to communicate a deeper message and understanding of a bigger picture. Changing the narrative and creating a dialogue that reaches beyond the superficial exterior of consumerism. Have a sense of humor, grow a backbone, and gain some confidence in your voice. Our motto is Sorry But Not Sorry.

In Conclusion 

We are a self funded gallery of satirical pop culture parodies who offer the art for you to rock how ever you want. By doing so, you are supporting us to keep on contributing new graphics and ideas to keep this fun and controversial. Spreading the idea that theres other shit to talk/worry about other than superficial bullshit. Do not obey, conform, or submit. Don’t fall for retail consumerism trickery. Theres no line long enough to wait in to make you cool. Theres no amount of money you can spend to discover what culture you actually represent and can identify with in your own environment. Search deep within yourself and make a positive difference in this shitty world cause no ones gonna care what brand you had on while you save the planet. Fuck being mentioned or being tagged. Know that your amount of likes and followers does not define you.

Additionally, unfortunately since we do not cary overstock we can not flow, seed, or sponsor any influencers or celebrity personalities. You will just have to support it as we are all equals.

Thank you for wearing Something Else. 

Terms & Conditions

Click here for our Return Policy. Click here for all the other fine print legal mumbo jumbo jargon we are required to inform you about.